3 Ideas for a Family Holiday in France

    When it comes to taking a family holiday in the UK, we are often plagued by unpredictable weather, traffic jams and long uncomfortable drives. However, going abroad with a family comes with its own unique set of problems, from flying with children to packing everything you need into a suitcase. This is why France is the perfect middle-ground. In such close proximity to the UK, France can be reached in as little as a couple of hours, making it closer than many British holiday destinations. What’s not to like? Your kids will get the excitement factor of venturing abroad, whilst you’ll be able to enjoy the delicious food and wine on offer, and everyone can bask in the stunning scenery of this beautiful country. Here are 3 ideas for a family holiday in France:

    1. Cycling Trip

    If you want to tear your kids away from their phones and tablets and into an appreciation of the great outdoors, then a cycling trip could be the perfect choice for you. Cycling is a brilliant way for the whole family to be active and embark on an adventure together. Although lugging four or more bikes across the channel crossing might not be the most alluring of prospects, luckily there are providers of cycling holidays who can set everything up for you. When considering family holidays in France and where to find them, you can discover everything you need online for a complete package cycling holiday. The benefit of a cycling trip is that you’re always on the move, so you can pack a lot in to your holiday. If you want a region which covers it all, try Provence, where you’ll be able to experience medieval towns, the striking Alps, gorgeous vineyards, and the beautiful Mediterranean coastline all in one area.

    1. Skiing

    For another action-packed adventure, why not consider a skiing trip? France plays host to a whole range of excellent family-friendly ski resorts, where your kids can take to the slopes and see if they’ve got what it takes. Skiing can become a lifelong passion, and this is especially the case for those who start young. Amidst the striking scenery of the Alps, you can have fun with your kids whilst teaching them the principles of discipline and perseverance. You can also introduce them to the joys of being active and fearless.

    1. Corsica

    If you want a more relaxed holiday vibe, then why not check out the island of Corsica. Off the south coast of France, in the Mediterranean Sea, you’ll feel like you’re in the tropics on this beautiful island. With remote beaches, dense forests, craggy mountains and gorgeous coastal towns, there’s no shortage of things to explore on Corsica. This makes for a great family holiday destination, where your kids can really feel like they’re a long way from home.

    France is not only a convenient holiday destination, but also a highly varied and beautiful one. This truly makes it one of the best places you can choose for a great family holiday.

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