Four Bucket List Destinations To Take Your Paddle Board Within The US

    Residents of the United States are incredibly fortunate to have regular access to some of the most incredible and distinctive landscapes in the world. Whether you are looking to immerse yourself in the driest of deserts, atop high mountains, in frozen lakes, or dense forests, the US has it all. This is why it is one of the most exciting destinations for outdoor activity enthusiasts, especially those who like to paddleboard.

    Of the many paddleboard destinations within the US, and there are many that will be unforgettable experiences, there are four that, above all else, should appear on your bucket list. For most paddleboarders, these locations will offer the most amazing views and environments, those that showcase the brilliance of the American landscape while simultaneously offering truly unique experiences.

    Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

    Home to some of the US’s most incredible mountain ranges, Grand Teton National park also contains an immense array of lakes, many of which can be explored by paddleboard. Few other destinations in the mainland United States will give you the opportunity to paddle on crystal clear waters while looking up at endless rows of snow-capped mountains.

    In addition to these amazing views, Grand Teton is also home to amazing trails and wildlife, meaning that your paddleboard adventure can be combined with a hike across iconic American landscapes and among magnificent buffalo too.

    Big Sur, California

    California is, perhaps, the ultimate paddleboard destination. With its coastline full of amazing beaches, and selection of beautiful inland lakes, it is easy to see why. There are some spots for paddleboarding in California that all enthusiasts should experience at least once, such as Point Lobos. But the one we’d particularly recommend is Big Sur.

    This iconic site is surrounded by hidden beaches, secluded caves, and a host of aquatic wildlife. But, for those willing to make the quite challenging paddle out to the mountains, you will experience a view of the Big Sur coastline that simply cannot be rivalled.

    Lake Powell, Utah/Arizona

    What could be better than calm, vast waterways surrounded by deeply colour and towering rockfaces? Lake Powell is a must-see destination for paddleboarders because it offers an intimate and truly awe-inspiring experience of one of America’s most iconic landscapes. It offers a number of places to drop in and, due to its size and varying water levels, can offer a thrilling experience to paddleboarders of any level of expertise.

    Glacier Bay, Alaska

    There is a tendency to forget Alaska when considering paddleboarding as often people associate the activity with sunshine and golden sand. However, if you’re willing to get wrapped up, Alaska’s Glacier Bay is an incredible place to paddleboard. The water, while cold, is lurid, often freckled with patches of ice. Boarders can make their way out onto the placid water and coast between tall ice formations, touching the crystal blue surfaces as they pass by. While it might not be for everyone, the experience of passing beneath towering ice while completely away from civilization is a truly once in a lifetime experience.