How to choose the right kind of Nike shoes based on the place you are visiting

    Travelling causes a lot of strain on the body and feet are the worst affected areas in the body. And there are a lot of people who have issues in their legs and travelling put all the more strain on their legs. Choosing the right type of shoes for travelling is a difficult decision and must be taken with logic and proper knowledge otherwise it will definitely make your trip hellish. Also, people like to travel with less luggage so it is not like you can carry a few types of shoes and then decide accordingly. But choosing a company is easy and, in my opinion, and along with many other travellers one should always go with Nike. Nike has time and again proved that it is one of the best you can ever get and the comfort and protection provided by them is paralleled by no one else in the footwear industry. To look through the collection offered Nike you can check out Nike shoes online.

    The tough part is to decide which pair of shoes you should take on your trip so that your trip should be efficient, less tiresome and fun. For this you need to decide that the place where you are going will have what type of terrain or what mostly would you be doing there for most of your day.

    • When the place you are travelling to will have hard sidewalks or mostly urban exploring to be done mostly by walking throughout the day then you need shoes which are light weighed and they are gripping on your feet and at the same time they should provide you with tremendous cushioning effect. The best suited shoes during these trips are the nike tennis shoes or the running shoes. In my opinion the air max series is very well suited for this type of trip. You may even take sneakers but sneakers are not the same as tennis shoes or the running shoes.
    • When the terrain is more rugged and you will be walking on trails then you would require something that are sturdy first and foremost. The shoes should be protective and water resistant because there will be a lot of wet grounds to be covered and these should dig in and get the grip. The shoes should be able to withstand the terrain made by the weather elements and the bet suited Nike shoes in this case would be Nike Air Zoom Kiger and Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse.
    • When you are going mountaineering or have to walk a slope terrain then you need shoes which have traction and tremendous gripping and those which provide protection to your feet to a great extent be it from sprains or from the weather. These shoes should be made durable and sturdy. In my opinion the Nike SFB Field 6” and Nike ACG dog mountain are the best suited shoes to be worn in such conditions.
    • When you are visiting a place with beaches then it is preferable that you take shoes which are less slippery and those which are not affected by water. It must also look good and can be worn with shorts.