Planning to Travel, Get Tested!

    One of the biggest troubles that COVID-19 brought was a loss to the travel industry. So many plans were canceled due to the virus and that led to such huge losses to travel agencies. But now, that the curve is finally dropping, the earth can go out to vacation again, but only if done responsibly. The virus is still very deadly and can cause huge problems if people are not staying safe and getting tested. The COVID-19 cases are still on a rise all around the world. There are new regulations put on various testing centers and locations that have been distributed to the local public to keep getting tasted, getting quarantined, and staying safe.

    Get tested

    But since the world is allowed to go travel, it will go travel. And for such an occasion, the most important thing is to get COVID-19 testing for travel approved by a lab. If you are tested negative, then only you can leave the house, and this ideology can save a lot many people and deny the virus to rise ever again. But this is only possible if people are taking care of testing policies and are getting tested responsibly. Now, whatever purpose you have for travel, business or personal, you should get tested for every chance and also get acknowledged about various covid-19 related regulations put by various countries.

    Various Regulations for Various Travel Places

    With the best lab secure testing methods, you can get tested and receive the certificate that can allow you to travel to the destination of your choice. They are also providing the best service to people in terms of convenience and protection. You can be sure about the testing results to come before you have to fly away since this report will be needed to allow you entry to your destination. Thus, it becomes necessary that you have booked an appointment in due time for your testing.

    1. For the Caribbean: Negative PCR test ranging from 72 hours before arrival to 7 days before arrival depending on the country.
    2. For China: Negative PCR test within 48 hours of departure; IgM antibody test within 48 hours of departure.
    3. For Germany: Negative PCR test within 10 days of arrival, online registration, possible 10-day quarantine.
    4. For Greece: Negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival, Passenger Locator Form, currently locked down as of November 6, 2020
    5. For Ireland: COVID-19 test NOT required, Passenger Locator Form, Possible 14-day quarantine
    6. For Italy: Negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival, Self-declaration form.
    7. For the United Kingdom, COVID-19 test NOT required, Passenger Locator Form, Possible 14-day quarantine.

    With such vigorous methods of stopping the virus, the world can get back to normal soon.