Reasons to Buy a Fjords Yacht as Your Next Boat

    Discover what sets Fjord Yachts apart by living the difference for yourself. Fjord Yachts, a company that has been making high-end motorboats for more than 60 years, has earned a name for itself as a pioneer in cutting-edge design.

    The Fjord brand was established in 1960 in Norway, and it immediately became known for producing high-quality recreational boats that could withstand the elements. After being acquired by Hanse Yachts AG in 2007, the company changed its strategy. Each Fjord Yacht features great craftsmanship, outstanding performance, and maximum safety thanks to its combination of Scandinavian design with a keen eye for aesthetics, the Mediterranean culture for luxury, and German engineering. Fjord Yachts‘ premium quality is ensured from start to finish thanks to the brand’s German production facility. The Fjord 40 Open, the pioneer of the new Fjord Yachts, is credited with revolutionizing the 40-foot class. The Fjord 40 Open was the first of its sort to combine a bold, dramatic, and angular exterior appearance with openers, elegance, and comfort. At its 2008 debut at Boot in Dusseldorf, it was awarded the European Powerboat of the Year, setting the bar high for subsequent Fjord models. In 2011, the Fjord 36 Open, her smaller sister model, was released, further adding to the company’s history of success. The Fjord 48 Open was introduced in 2015, and the Fjord 42 Open followed in 2016. Fjord Yachts’ current series was developed under the direction of renowned designer Patrick Banfield, and it both stays true to the iconic brand’s roots and incorporates the latest in boat design.

    The current Fjord series, which includes seven models measuring from 11.5 meters to 16.70 meters in length, has been nominated for several accolades, and the Fjord 41 XL has been voted European Powerboat of the Year 2021. The Fjord line-up includes cutting-edge models such the Fjord Open 38, Fjord express 38, Fjord 40 Open, Fjord 41 XL, Fjord Open 44, Fjord Coupe 44, and Fjord 53 XL. The new Fjord 53 XL is the company’s flagship model, and it pushes the envelope in terms of both interior room and performance at high speeds. The boat’s hull has been fused with the brand’s largest ever T-top, making for a luxurious outdoor living and entertaining area. Each of the spacious cabins has its own bathroom, and the on-deck galley is large enough to host parties all day.