St Tropez by Boat

    The traditional fishing village of St Tropez converted into a hot spot for the Jet Set is the best place to spend a few days on a boat rather than in a hotel. The city revolves around the port and the beaches. During the day the rich and famous head to the beach club to party, while reconvene in the evening in one of the many restaurants for a quiet or not evening. With some of the most famous dancing spots on the planet, St Tropez is the perfect party place for the summer and much more.

    Chartering a yacht in St Tropez means waking up in the morning off the shore of Pampelonne, one of the most pristine beaches on the Riviera. The white spotless sandy beach streches for miles, with exclusive beach clubs and some of the most exquisite restaurants. After spending the morning relaxing and sunbathing aboard your boat, sipping on a Mimoza surrounded by your close friends you can head out to Club 55 or Bagatelle, to enjoy a vibrant afternoon. Once the party is over, the others will have to get back into taxis or cars, to reach back to their villas, while you’ll simply be a few minutes away from the boat with an elegant tender, with the friends you met on the beach.

    Enjoy a warm sunset cruise while the boat slowly heads back to the bay of St Tropez before heading back into the port. While your boat will dock, you’ll be able to take a nap, enjoy a private moment with friends or simply entertain on the bow lounge. The experience never really stops aboard the yacht. While the city is starting to vibrate to the sound of the bars and restaurants, you’ll open a traditional rosé wine from the South of France and relax in the cockpit with friends.

    Time to head to one of the fanciest restaurants in the city, such as Opéra, where you can enjoy a vibrant dinner surrounded by celebrities. The restaurant is famed for its impressive entertainment and the guest’s champagne shows. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were spotted last year enjoying the atmosphere. No need to drive anywhere after a party, or search for an after-party, your yacht will be waiting for you in the port, ready to entertain the various guests you might want to bring aboard with you.

    While there’s nothing like chartering a yacht in the South of France, some of your guests might be seasick. The town of St Tropez luckily offers some of the most exquisite luxury villas for rent in the world. There is no shortage of options to visit the stunning French Riviera.