Traveling To Thailand? Check These 7 Important Tips!

    If you are keen on enjoying the cultural life of Southeast Asia, there is no better place than Thailand. Counted among one of the easiest places to travel in Asia, this is a land of culture, heritage, stunning landscapes and great food.

    Here are 7 essential things and tips worth knowing.

    • Visit the temples. There are endless temples in Thailand, and it is impossible to cover everything. However, do not miss Wat Phra Si Sanphet located in Ayutthaya, and Wat Pho in Bangkok. Also, there is Wat Phra Kaeo.

    • Enjoy the street food. Fine dining might be a great idea, but if you are in Bangkok or other cities, you must try the local street food, which can be daring and sumptuous at the same time. Not to forget, food is super cheap.
    • Shop, shop until you drop. Well, you can never have enough of Thailand unless you have visited one or more of the open-air markets. However, be ready to haggle, and you will be surprised with the price difference.

    • Enjoy yoga and massage. If you have the time, go for yoga retreat, which doesn’t have to be expensive. Also, Thailand, especially Bangkok, is known for massages, which can have happy endings, depending on what you prefer!
    • Try the local beer. You cannot have enough of beer here in Thailand, and Singha is the most famous local brew here. Please note that alcohol is only served to those over 20 years, especially at nightclubs. Wine is expensive, so take note.
    • Carry enough cash. Thai Baht is the currency here, and as for March 2018, one USD is around 31 Thai Baht. While you can find plenty of ATMs in most parts of the country, carry some cash with you, especially for street shopping.

    Thais are extremely conservative about their culture, so dress appropriately for temples and cultural occasions. If you are on a wildlife trip, be very careful and don’t approach the monkeys. Booking a package might be a good idea if you are short on time and budget. Most of the hotels and villas accept advance booking, so consider that. Thailand is cheaper than some of the other destinations of Asia, so planning beforehand can be useful.