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4 Ways You Can Play Drums While Travelling

    If you are like some people, you live to travel and see the world. But if you are a musician, traveling can get tricky, especially if you cannot bring your instrument with you. You would wish there are ways to play your drum, for instance, while out there. Fortunately, you can continue to improve your drumming ability while traveling. Wherever you choose to travel and even without your drum set, here’s how you can play drums:

    Use Practice Pads and Pillows

    These pads are available in all types of materials, sizes, and weights. You can get some that suit your budget. Also, some of them are filled with sand, gel and any type of rubber. In case you don’t have rubberized pads, consider using some pot holders and get started. Check out some options at

    Furthermore, without your drum set or practice pad, you can use your pillow as your practice pad without providing some bounce. This means that your wrist needs to work in order to lift the stick and bring it back down. Pillow drumming is a perfect way to practice rudiments.

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    Use Heavy Sticks

    You can get drumsticks in a range of weights. Some of them are made of heavy metals such as iron which make your pair feel lighter than feathers. Think about marching sticks for drum corps outdoor. If you play with lighter and heavier sticks, you can improve your drumming ability without using a drum set.

    Consider Online Drums and Applications

    Google Play or Apple Store has various drumming applications and practice tools you can use. Also, there are many websites which let you play digital drums. Make sure you bookmark some of these sites and practice on your personal computer or tablet.


    Use your Imagination

    While traveling, you can work on your muscles to imagine that you are playing on your set. This approach is called air drumming, which compels you to work more muscles than playing your drums.

    When it comes to drumming while traveling, there is no limit to what you can use to practice drums. Spoons, sacks of coins and hangers are just some examples to play and have fun. If you are a percussionist, you can have many instruments to rattle. Consider laying out jingle bells or tambourines or use some things in your kitchen drawer.

    Moreover, did you know that your body is a walking and talking drum set? Make use of your lap slaps, hand claps and foot stomps to practice some parts.

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    Before you travel, make sure you record some drumming beats and songs you want to listen to and practice during your free time. Active listening includes internalizing the song’s rhythm and learning it by heart. Without a drum set and being away from home, this allows you to immerse yourself in your chosen song and listen using your headphones or portable speakers.

    Being away from home is sometimes what you need to provide your drumming a new life. Consider these ways to make the most of your time away and enjoy your trip.