Want to get Kansas Fishing License? Find more details here!

    If you want to enjoy fishing in Kansas, you need a license. Contrary to what many may believe, getting Kansas Fishing License isn’t tough. The same can be purchased from one of the licensed agents. You can also get your license from Department of Wildlife and Parks. Here are some of the other aspects.

    Getting the license

    To get Kansas Fishing License online, one must be aged between 16 and 74 and should have been a resident of Kansas for at least two months prior to the date of purchase of the license. While fishing here, one must also have a resident license. For those who live elsewhere, they can get a nonresident license, which has the same norms (one must be aged between 16 and 74 in this case too). Please note that nonresidents don’t need a license if they plan to just enjoy fishing at one of the private ponds. Fishing license is otherwise mandatory for areas approved for public fishing.

    Quick things worth knowing

    All fishing licenses in Kansas expire by 31st Dec. This is not including the 5-day, 1-day, and lifetime licenses, which are valid for the respective durations. If you are resident with age between 65 and 74, you must have a hunting or fishing license, of both. Youngsters between 16 and 20 can get a youth license, which can be a multi-year license too, which will expire when the person turns 21, or like other licenses that expire on December 31. For those who are an active member of National Guard can get access to a free fishing and hunting license. People with 30% disability can get a Kansas disabled veterans fishing license, after furnishing the required papers and a copy of the entitlement papers.

    Costs and other details

    A senior resident fishing license in Kansas costs about $15, while for a lifetime resident hunting or fishing license combination, the cost is $42.50. One-day fishing license is cheap for residents at about $8.50, and five-year resident fishing license can be purchased at $102.50. A non-resident fishing license in Kansas costs a little over $50, while non-resident combination license for fishing and hunting costs $137.50. The one-day nonresident fishing license is priced at $14.50. Alongside a fishing license, you may need a paddlefish permit ($12.50), hand fishing permit ($27.50), and a bass pass ($14.50).

    In case you lost your license, you can go to the same licensed local vendor and get a new one. Visit the specific country and check with the county clerk’s office to get it replaced. For those who have purchased online can contact the wildlife and parks department to get a replacement. If you already had a license and have got a new one, you can again check with the wildlife and parks service to get a refund, subject to terms and conditions.

    Please check Kansas fishing laws before you go out for fishing. The norms are strict, and if you don’t have a license, it will be considered to be an illegal act.