How can you get eTA for traveling to Canada?

    When you plan a business trip or a vacation, you should consider the documents including passport, visa, and other details such as flight booking or accommodation. If you want to fly to Canada, you should have heard about the new migration need to be there; ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization. Adventurers from all across the globe should receive ETA prior to traveling to Canada. This document permits you to travel to this country and you can also travel freely in the country. It is an entry need for foreign nationals who are exempted from visa and are traveling to Canada by air.

    Unlike the old application system for VISA, Canada eTA should be done online. You should deal with this application the moment you plan for a trip to this country. Every travel must have an ETA. This application form can be downloaded online. It takes just a few minutes. A representative can also apply for this application form in place of a traveler including a guardian or a parent. Nobody including children can cross a Canadian border minus eTA. You must submit the details such as your country, city of birth, birth date, passport number, nationality, date of issue of passport, and other details along with the application form.

    Who needs eTA?

    The Canadian government has introduced eTA as a new entry need for travelers from a visa-exempt country. Only the travelers from countries who do not need a Visa in order to visit Canada have to get an eTA and another aspect is that they are traveling by air to Canada. If you are visiting Canada by land and you are from a visa-exempt country, then you do not require an eTA. Any person who has a Canadian permanent residence, Canadian visa, or Canadian citizenship does not require eTA document to travel to Canada. So, if you traveling through or to Canada by air or you belong to a visa-exempt country then you need an eTA.

    If you have been granted a work permit or a study permit and you belong to a visa-exempt country, then you will be issued an eTA when IRCC accepts your work permit or study application. If you belong to a visa-exempt country and you have received a permit prior to 1st August 2015 then you have to apply for an eTA when you plan to return or leave Canada by air. The citizens of the U.S. do not need an eTA or a visa in order to travel to Canada. If you are a citizen of the U.S. you can easily visit Canada with your U.S. passport.


    After completing the Canada eTA form, you should check your mailbox. Most of the applications get approved within minutes of application and so, an application should be made very close to the departure date. However, it is advisable that travelers who need eTA should submit the applications in advance of their departure date because some requests need time to process. You can check your eTa status by clicking on a tool reserved especially for this feature. eTA remains valid for five years from the date of issue.