7 Reasons Why You Might Want To Visit Puglia In Italy!

When we think of Italy, we don’t always think of offbeat options. If you are in mood to charter offbeat, unknown roads, Puglia is a good recommendation. Often called the heel of Italy, Puglia has a charm that’s very unique.

In this post, we give 7 good reasons to come to Puglia.

Incredible beaches

Puglia has over 800 kms of coast area, and that sums up the overall experience by the sea. You can expect some really sandy beaches, even cliff tops, and cave swimming. In fact, diving from cliffs is a pastime of the locals here. People here like to enjoy a more laidback life, so if you are looking for directions or want to explore more, they will be happy to help.


Amazing places to stay

Puglia has some really stunning farmhouses, homes and villas, which can be booked for your stay. We recommend that you check Paradise Villas to rent in Puglia, which are pretty awesome and offer the kind of experience that you would want in this part of Italy.

Long drives are super fun

Puglia has public transport, but it is a good idea to book a car. Note that the cities and towns here have narrow roads, so you will do better with a smaller car. Take the long drives on the countryside and you will love the views. There are many hideaway spots that even locals may not know, so explore, explore, and explore further.

Awesome food

Like most parts of Italy, Puglia is known for its food. From the most amazing and authentic pizzas to pastas, fresh breads, and a sumptuous spread of seafood, the choices are more than many. If you are here, we recommend that you look for apricots and olives, both being popular produce of the region. Seafood is standard in most parts of Puglia, but is always fresh, made with love.

Slow pace of life

If you are coming here for the love of nightclubs and party scene, you would be disappointed. Puglia feels almost like a different region altogether. People here like the slow way of life, they enjoy the breeze and are quick to mingle with strangers. Not many people know as much English, but if you are good with gestures, you will have a blast.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune in Milan and Florence, give Puglia a chance. It feels like Italy too has a unique side unexposed to tourists.

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