How To Order Steak At A Restaurant?

Felt the need to have your share of the red meat? Well, looks like you are in for a good time at Rib n reef and are about to enjoy some good quality steak. However, once the menu is placed in front of you, you surely get flustered seeing the number of options available. And, we are here to help you select the best steak and order something that you’d definitely like at the restaurant.

1) Ask for the day’s special

This is a sure shot way of ensuring that what you are getting is definitely fresh! Yes, it is common knowledge that people are wary of the type of meat being served. If such is the case then you’d surely like to go with the day’s special.

2) Ask for the restaurant’s specialty – the chef’s special

It is one of the best ways of enjoying your red meat at its finest. If your menu truly gives you heebie-jeebies then you can play safe and order the chef’s special. It helps you get a good experience without much work to do and at times the special dishes come with complimentary food and drinks too! It is a win-win.

3) A 3-step guide towards ordering the right steak is as follows

> Know the cuts: The surest way of knowing what will be served to you is knowing your cuts, having a clear idea of what you like and what you don’t and also giving them an idea of how you like that cut done. Every part has a different flavor and tenderness; you must know what suits well with you.

> Boned or bone-less: Well, it is a matter of personal preference. Filet mignon and ribeye are served boneless while porterhouse, T bone or Kansas City strip come with the bones on the plate. Boned steak takes more amount of time to cook and has a slightly different flavor, a subtle difference from your boneless variety. You can try both and select what you like.

> How you like it done: Whether you like it rare or well done or the various options in between, it is all about what taste you have acquired over the period of time and how you like it done.

Ordering steak at a restaurant is all about personal choice and what you like and how you like it. So just go with your taste.

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