Japan and Russia: Forging Bonds Through Culture

    There’s no denying the fact that the world is home to a wide variety of different ways of life. While it can result in misunderstandings and unfortunate events, it’s also the key to understanding and respecting each other as people. For most if not all countries around the world, the primary goal is to harmonise and understand each other to promote diplomatic ties and relations. To forge a relationship through culture is to create a bond that can’t easily be broken – and it’s this mutual respect that both Japan and Russia have benefited greatly from.

    The International Chodiev Foundation serves as a shining example of what passion and respect for another culture can do to aid the relationship between two countries. It all started with the desire of a single man, Patokh Chodiev, who graduated with a degree in International Law, as well as Japanese. It’s thanks to his efforts that the foundation exists, and it has brought together many like-minded people to serve as a bridge between the cultures of Russia and Japan.

    The Japan-Russia Festival

    The ICF has plenty of achievements under its belt, all geared toward helping relations between Japan and Russia. For example, the Russian Culture Festival is a fantastic event in Japan that brings both peoples together to enjoy Russian cinema, as well as exhibitions. As the largest program available in the cultural exchange program, it certainly shows with all its incredible displays – a feat that has garnered the attention of millions of people worldwide. While some might think that the festival would only last a week at most, the Japan-Russia Festival lasts a staggering eight months. It also includes most of the regions of Japan and continues to be a celebrated event.

    The Festival of Contemporary Japanese Culture

    Alongside the stunning Exchange Festival, there is also the Festival of Contemporary Japanese Culture located in Moscow, which is a little bit of everything. Festival-goers can enjoy a vast array of workshops and lectures, watch concerts, as well as experience technology and art in ways that only a mix of Russian and Japanese culture can accomplish. It’s an event that both the Japanese and Russians alike have enjoyed since it began back in 2009.

    And much more!

    With these festivals occurring in both countries, international relations continue to be positive thanks to the efforts of the International Chodiev Foundation. It’s thanks to the tireless efforts of foundations such as these that countries which seem to have completely different points of view are able to appreciate what both bring to the table. There is also the sponsorship of the kimono collection of the beloved Itchiku Kubota, exhibited both in Japan as well as abroad.

    To conclude, for countries to be able to understand each other, mutual respect of culture is necessary. Thanks to the vision and efforts of a single individual, this desire to understand the beauty of another country has blossomed into an unshakeable bond. If more countries are able to communicate the same way Japan and Russia do, the world will certainly be a better place.