Some of The Secret Spots in Dominican Republic

    Very few among the American travelers know about Dominican Republic. The island has some of the famous beaches, shallow waters, deep forests and quite a few well-known spots to visit. There are few lesser known sight seeing places too which we shall take up in this small write-up.

    1. Bahia de las Aguilas

    This is situated in southern part of the island and is much closer to Haiti. Local people consider this beach as one of most beautiful beaches of the whole world. You will really love this 5- mile long white sand beach. The closest town near the beach is about 15 miles away and those who visit to this place has to take 15-minute boat ride from the fishing village nearby. The beach is very isolated place and there are no hotels nearby and also you will not find any shops or restaurants too.

    1. Constanza

    This is one of the few among the cold areas of this island. The temperature of this place is around 50-degree Fahrenheit. The climate in Dominican Republic otherwise is pretty warm and in comparison, to that this is considered to be cold area. Its height is 4,000 feet and normally it is dry winter climate. Therefore, it is popular destination for the locals who want to enjoy little cooler climate.

    People folk around this place all throughout the year. Few attractions which are located nearby are Las Piramides, Parque Nacional Valle Nuevo and Salto de Aguas Blancas. There are only very few places where you can get accommodation and hence before coming to this place make sure that you have booked your room.

    1. Samana

    This place is known to many of the travelers from European countries and Canada too. There are few wonderful resorts, however there are many places which has not been explored yet and you will hardly find any crowd. Samana is also quite a charming place and you will find a number of sight-seeing places to visit.

    1. Los Patos

    From Bahia de las Aguilas, it is just 2 hours journey and is located in south western side of Dominican Republic. You will find few fishing villages which are hidden treasures of the island. Some of the must visiting spots of this place are Los Patos River which has chilly water and Playa Los patos popular among the surfers. You will find few great hotels nearby where you can reach within a short drive distance.